Domotics in Students Housing

Domotics in Students Housing

The student residence constitute an offer of accommodation aimed at university students away from home.
The old mid-century college / boarding school concept consisting of 3/4 people per room and shared external bathroom has long since disappeared in favor of real comfortable university residences that arise inside the Campus, those residential centers equipped with of all the comforts and services within students’ reach.

Typical features are:

  • 1 to 4 beds per room with exclusive use of a bathroom;
  • numerous common areas such as kitchen, laundry, TV room, study rooms, library, gym, etc …;
  • long residence times for guests (even the entire academic year);
  • frequent coming and going of people, guests and staff.

The management of such a structure implies high operating costs and requires considerable organizational and maintenance efforts. The adoption of a building automation solution is essential to simplify management, increase safety and reduce energy waste.

Access 24h / 7

The replacement of mechanical keys with RFID cards already simplifies the management of guests and staff access to each area of ​​the building, from the bedroom to the common parts and external accesses (parking, swimming pools, gyms, etc. …). But not all access control systems offer the same flexibility and functionality.
The flow of students and guests, by definition, does not have a predefined time of entry or exit, therefore they must be able to arrive and leave independently and without having to depend on the reception staff reception. As an alternative to the RFID card, Giano offers the possibility of entering and leaving rooms and common areas not only by typing a PIN on a numeric keypad (with SensePad), but also by sending a single SMS (also for the first access to the structure).

It will not be necessary to install anything outside the student room, if not, optionally, RFID card readers.

To return to the building, the student will only have to send an SMS to the Giano software:

open entrance

23:37 SMS sent

The supervision software will be able to understand the passageway concerned and if the author of the message is authorized to enter. If so, the gate will be unlocked and the user will be notified with an SMS:

open entrance

23:37 SMS sent

The Guest will thus be able to reach his room independently.
If it is necessary to offer different services or packages to guests, it is essential that the access control system allows the definition of customizable access credentials in terms of authorized gates and time channels.

Shared room, different needs

When RFID cards are also used to activate the room’s services and utilities, it may happen that a guest withdrawing their card from the badge holder ends up deactivating light and utilities to their roommate. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, some precautions must be taken when designing and configuring the automation system, such as, for example:

  • lengthen the room deactivation times;
  • create time channels for forced activation of users (at night);
  • integrate devices for the detection of activity within the premises (PIR).

Giano is the solution specifically designed by GFP Lab to solve all the problems related to access control management and student room automation.

Make-up room management

Giano integrates numerous room rearrangement functions that allow cleaning staff to keep track of the rooms that are free and ready to be rearranged, as well as the automatic signaling of the rooms already rearranged on the supervision software.

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