Numeric keypad with RFID reader

Over the door frame

No masonry


Waterproof and anti-vandal


Online versionalso available

SensePad is the access control solution for B&B and Hotels with these features:

  • lock unlock using RFID card and numeric PIN;
  • small dimensions and easy install (also over the door frame);
  • waterproof (IP65) and anti-vandal;
  • standalone mode (up to 2000 users) or online (with Giano);
  • optional standalone key holder for room activation.


  • 12VDC power;
  • 1 input for door unlock command;
  • 1 input for door magnetic switch;
  • 1 relay output (NO/NC);
  • 1 bell output;
  • 1 siren output;
  • Short-circuit protection;
  • Tamper sensor;
  • Embedded buzzer;
  • Status led;
  • Doorbell button.

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