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SOS wireless bathroom

How to acquire the signal of a bathroom tie rod (also called SOS) in Giano using the Shelly 2.5 device....

Hotel air conditioning systems

There are different types of hotel air conditioning systems: what are they and how to take advantage of their advantages with hotel automation?...

Tidy up room automation

The cleaning staff can recognize rooms that are vacant and in need of rearrangement from a simple glance in the corridor, and report the rearrangement to the supervision software....

Giano 5.0 release

Giano 5.0: the new release of the Hotel supervisor of GFP Lab brings with it several new features....

15 years of GFP Lab: interview with the CEO

Suite, the leading and trendy international magazine for hotel and contract industries, dedicates a space to GFP Lab in issue 200, interviewing CEO Paolo Scaffardi....

Access to common areas

The guest can use the RFID key to access the external or internal common parts of the structure, such as parking lots, entrance doors, SPAs, etc ...

Energy saving and air conditioning

The air conditioning in the Hotel room is automatically suspended (or limited) when windows or other passages are opened....

Guest privacy: do not disturb mode

The guest can activate the do not disturb feature at any time using the SenseDoor touch button. The status is repeated outside the room and on the reception software....

Check-in and room access

Upon arrival at the hotel, RFID keys are given instead of traditional mechanical keys, to access the room and the common areas of the hotel....

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