Integration with Salto electronic locks

Integration with Salto electronic locks

Electronic locks are among the most popular access control solutions for hotel rooms.

SALTO is among the three largest manufacturers of electronic locks . Its offer ranges from solutions for the hotel, commercial, public, office, healthcare and transport markets. The SVN data-on-card BLUEnet Wireless technology and JustIN Mobile allow us to offer a wide range of guest access modes , even in autonomy thanks to the use of the smartphone .

To achieve valuable energy saving and hotel automation functions , the ideal combination for internal room is Giano , the solution of Hotel automation by GFP Lab .

The use of both systems, SALTO for access and Giano for the activation of the utilities of the room, by the guest and staff, takes place in an absolutely transparent way .

The sharing of the RFID key takes place in an extremely simple way: at the check-in on the management system, a key containing the information of both systems is generated through the supervisor Giano. The same RFID key is used both to unlock SALTO’s electronic locks and to activate the room services managed by Giano.

Operation is guaranteed on the entire range of the Salto catalog (electronic locks, electronic cylinders, wall readers and locks for cabinets, etc …).

A further development will soon be available which will allow wireless communication between SALTO locks and GFP Lab room automation . In fact, SALTO’s In-Room Node allows hotels to upgrade locks to wireless functionality without additional physical infrastructure.

When the electronic locks communicate with the Giano platform, the room functions such as lighting, thermoregulation and entertainment systems are able to activate automatically , depending on whether the room is free or busy. This translates into a major cut in energy consumption , which is the second item of operational expenditure for a hotel.

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