Integration with Onity electronic locks

Integration with Onity electronic locks

The electronic locks with batteries, due to the absence of intervention on the electrical system, are among the most common solutions for controlling access in the hospitality world.

Onity is one of the world’s leading providers of access control systems, with 5+ million electronic locks installed in more than 30,000 properties. The Onity family of technological solutions also includes cost-effective, secure and easy-to-use contactless mobile key solutions; combining Bluetooth® and cloud technologies, they allow guests to use their smartphone as their room key, as well as contactless check-in so that they can bypass reception.

Sometimes, in addition to the unlocking of the door, it is necessary to adopt energy saving and hotel automation features.. How can it be done?

Giano, GFP Lab’s Hotel automation solution, is able to integrate with third-party access control systems continuing to deal with the home automation part of the room.

Onity’s electronic locks are perfectly integrated with Giano , both the guest and staff can use both systems seamlessly in an absolutely transparent way. .

The benefits of integration are many:

  • Sharing the RFID key:at check-in a key containing the informations of both systems is issued by the hotel management system and is generated by supervisor Giano. The same RFID key is used both to unlock Onity’s electronic locks and to activate the room services managed by Giano;
  • Room automation: despite the standalone nature of electronic locks, Onity models equipped with DirectKey module can propagate their status to Giano devices through wifi, to realize Hotel automation logics like switching on of the courtesy light when the door is opened, signaling of the do not disturb status at the reception, etc …;
  • Supervision: each use of the lock by guests and staff generates the propagation of an event that is reported and archived on Giano;
  • Maintenance : the good working conditions and the battery charge of the locks are automatically checked by Giano.

Onity recently announced the next release of the Serene model, the new generation electronic lock characterized by the absence of visual impact on the door leaf .Serene is equipped with DirectKey technology, and is perfectly compatible and integrated with Giano.

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