Integration with ASSA ABLOY TESA HOTEL electronic locks

Integration with ASSA ABLOY TESA HOTEL electronic locks

Electronic locks remain among the most popular solutions for accessing the hotel room. But how to integrate them into hotel home automation?

TESA, which belongs to the ASSA ABLOY group, is the leading manufacturer of locking solutions and access control technology for the residential and institutional market. TESA ASSA ABLOY locks provide advanced and intuitive access management, with multiple credentials and access options for the guest (including mobile).

Inside the room, on the other hand, Giano, the solution of Hotel automation by GFP Lab.

The use of both systems, TESA ASSA ABLOY for access and Giano for the activation of the utilities of the room, by the guest and staff, takes place < strong> in an absolutely transparent way .

The sharing of the RFID key takes place in an extremely simple way: at the check-in on the management system, a key containing the information of both systems is generated through the supervisor Giano. The same RFID key is used both to unlock the electronic locks of TESA ASSA ABLOY and to activate the room services managed by Giano.

TESA ASSA ABLOY electronic locks can go online if equipped with wireless-hub , bringing significant benefits in terms of safety and maintenance efficiency . For those equipped with a numeric keypad, GIANO is able to automatically load the PIN for access without an RFID key .

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