Integration with AGB electronic locks

Integration with AGB electronic locks

Electronic locks remain among the most popular solutions for room access in the hotel sector, but how to integrate them into hotel home automation?

AGB, or Alban Giacomo Spa, an Italian company specializing in hardware systems for doors, windows and blinds, proposes Opera Bit, your own electronic lock for hotels with magnetic movement . With the innovative Twin Lock system, Opera Bit guarantees characteristics of extraordinary silence when closing : the automatic bolt comes out when the door is closed, guaranteeing maximum safety for the guest who will never have to remember to close the door with key.

Once logged in, the activation of the utilities , the air conditioning and the home automation of the room can be relegated Giano, the Hotel automation solution by GFP Lab , in order to complete the technological equipment of the structure.

The use of both systems, AGB for access and Giano for camera activation , takes place in an absolutely transparent manner both by of guests and staff.

The sharing of the RFID key takes place in this way: at the check-in on the management system, a key containing the information of both systems is generated through the supervisor Giano. The same RFID key is used both to unlock the AGB electronic locks and to activate the room services managed by Giano.

If you want to relegate access control to the home automation part, AGB can improve the GFP Lab solution with Opera iControl, which, while operating in a similar way to an electric strike, guarantees better design features, safety and silence at the door of the hotels.

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