Integration with Clock PMS

Integration with Clock PMS

Giano, the GFP Lab Hotel supervision software, is officially integrated with Clock PMS, the well-known management Cloud system for tourist accomodations.

The integration saves precious time during the check-in, check-out and make-up room operations, by activating the following mechanisms:

  • At the guest check-in on Clock PMS: the important information for the release of the RFID key (room number, common gates allowed and card expiry) is automatically transmitted to Giano, so as to prepare it for immediate writing of the RFID key ( the receptionist can issue the card resting it on the RFID writer without even logout from Clock PMS);
  • At the guest check-out on Clock PMS: the cards issued are automatically revoked (stopping working, unless the delayed check-out function of the keys on Giano is activated);
  • Consulting the status of the room to be reset on Clock PMS: the real-time status of the room being reset, the room to be reset or the room reset is displayed. This status is automatically synchronized between the management software and Giano. By your side, with Giano is possible to call up the status of “Cleaned Room” by the staff simply pressing the button of the RFID reader inside the room.

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