15 years of GFP Lab: interview with the CEO

15 years of GFP Lab: interview with the CEO

Suite, an international reference and trendy magazine for the hotel and contract sector, dedicates a space to GFP Lab in issue 200, interviewing CEO Paolo Scaffardi.
L’interview is edited by by Fiorella Baserga, director of Suite.

I open the site and I am struck by some data: 10,000 rooms, 100% made in Italy, 20 years of experience: a consolidated reality. Tell us…

It seems like yesterday when we designed by ourselves the first prototypes of magnetic card readers. At the time, there was no home automation culture and it was not easy to convince hoteliers to abandon traditional keys. Over time all mistrust has disappeared. The difficulty of our job lies in coordinating the various plant engineering skills (electrical, thermotechnical and IT) to create state-of-the-art systems.
To date we can boast numerous installations throughout Europe, perfectly working even after 2 decades. 99% of these are tested and maintained remotely, to ensure greater timeliness of intervention and reduce costs for the customer.

Products designed for innovative management and already projected to the future (plug & amp; play, touch screen, online).

Even before entrepreneurs, my partner Giuseppe Zema and I are friends and passionate about computer science and electronics. That “Lab” of the company name stands for the laboratory, that is the place where we take refuge to experiment, brainstorm and give vent to creativity.
Innovation, in our opinion, does not consist in conforming to a trend or a particular technology, but in giving life to solutions that stand out for ease of use , reliability and design . We believe that technology should not be invasive, but reconcile with furnishings, guest habits and environmental sustainability.

Why is the concept of “standalone version” important?

Because it also opens home automation to those who cannot renovate the entire structure. SenseDoor is our retrofit solution that is installed on the door frame and in the stand alone version is offered without control units, structured cabling or software.
A significant simplification, while retaining the opening functions with RFID or PIN, courtesy light, do not disturb, user activation and presence detection. Notwithstanding the possibility, one day, to put the solution online. We have received favorable feedback not only from small structures but also from prestigious 5 stars.

However, we are not only talking about access control but also about service control (energy saving, air conditioning

Access control is only one of the aspects – or rather the first, that concerning safety – of room automation. The management of internal services (utilities, air conditioning, alarms) ensures a marked improvement in comfort for the guest, the reduction of energy waste and greater staff efficiency. Furthermore, to grant more freedom to guests and managers, and to guarantee social distancing, we have recently enriched the tools for H24 access , now possible also with App, PIN or SMS. Ultimately, the manager can finally sleep peacefully.

Your presence is very much on the Italian territory with an expansion to the east. What strategies for the future?

We live and work in Rimini, the capital and beating heart of Romagna hospitality. The tradition of our land teaches us that the key to being protagonists of the future is to renew oneself. It is not enough to satisfy needs, but it is sometimes necessary to anticipate them by interpreting the changing nature of society.
We at GFP Lab have several aces up our sleeves to have our say again, both on the hotel and para-hotel front . We are also establishing technical-commercial partnerships to create further added value for the customer. The intent is to strengthen the presence in the east and in European countries bordering the Mediterranean. We will tell you all about the number 300.

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