Are you tired waiting for your guests?

Are you tired waiting for your guests?

Delayed trains, late check-in, precautions for containing the Covid-19 epidemic: key delivery has become a nightmare!

Automated access h24

GIANO welcomes guests even in your absence , at any time of day or night.

Just enter his email during pre-check-in to send him simple instructions to unlock the gates and arrive in the room in full autonomy.

GIANO recognizes and opens the gates to the user , as well as with the RFID keys , also through the App for smartphone , the insertion a PIN or sending a SMS . Even all together!

Naturally virtual keys have limited validity for the guest’s stay , and you can revoke them at any time.

Access by App

Just click on the link received via email to open Giano MyKey in the browser ( without installing any App from the store) , then enter the PIN and select the gate to unlock. Nothing easier!

Access by PIN

GIANO generates a random and unique PIN , inextricably linked to the actual stay of the guest.

Depending on the gate and your needs, you can choose between different keypads:


SD-KEYPAD – RFID reader with touch keypad (also available for standard box install)

SensePad – Waterproof vandal-proof keypad

Access by SMS

Unfamiliar with technology?

The guest can send a simple SMS from their phone to unlock the gates and arrive in the room:

open entrance

23:37 SMS sent

entrance opened

23:37 SMS received

Integration with self-check-in

GIANO is designed to integrate with third-party solutions for self-check-in, so as to completely replace the need for a reception.

What are you waiting for?

Give your guests the freedom to arrive at any time and finally indulge in peaceful sleep.

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