Tidy up room automation

Tidy up room automation

Giano, the hotel supervisor allows you to automate the rearrangement of the rooms of the structure, thanks to the relative function.

The system is able to show and set whether the room is dirty or clean , and it does so through a specific icon on the supervisor software and a color change of the external reader. In this way, the rooms that require intervention by the staff in charge of rearrangement are highlighted.

The staff will have to activate the room with the relative tidying card and once the cleaning is finished, they will have to press the appropriate button on the internal reader, in order to indicate the rearrangement carried out. Through audible feedback, the reader will communicate the success of the operation.

Immediately, the system resets the room as rearranged and communicates it to the interfaced PMS , with a special icon (where supported).

In addition to the tidy up room, Giano has the sanitization function that can be activated at the guest’s check-out and can be reset using the card reset by pressing and holding the same button on the internal reader.

Tidy up room can also be requested by the guest who will have to press the same pressure on the internal reader, but using his guest card inserted in the badge holder pocket.

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