Safety in the Hotel: alarm management

Safety in the Hotel: alarm management

Giano, the Hotel supervisor of GFP Lab, is not limited to welcome the guest and guarantee him best comfort , but also take care of his safety.

Giano allows the management and notification of important alarms in the room , such as the bathroom SOS.

Through a warning window and an acoustic signal, Giano notifies the reception staff of the activation, type and source of the alarm.

Simultaneously with the warning window, Giano will signal the urgency to the staff on site , using the acoustic and visual signals emitted by the room readers. 

Alarms can be silenced in two ways:

  • from software: by clicking on the mute button;
  • in loco: inserting a Director-level card in the internal room reader and pressing the button on it.

Giano is equipped with 12 standard alarms (Intrusion, Fire, Flood, etc…), to which it is possible to add further 16 custom alarms for each room/common area.
The alarms can be detected with wireless and/or wired sensors and their triggering can recall a particular lighting scenario in the room/common area.

All alarms are manageable directly by the supervisor , allowing authorized personnel to deactivate sound and/or visual signals, thus reducing the disturbance for other guests, as well as being able to completely disable the alarm.

To further safeguard the security of the structure, Giano is able to detect and therefore notify a window/door left open when the guest is out of the room, in order to prevent problems such as intrusion or flooding.

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