Hotel domotics

Hotel domotics

Home automation is the discipline that deals with the analysis of technologies aimed at improving the quality of life at home. This is the application of information technology and electronics to home management, able to interact with the elements, equipment and electronic systems of the house, by simplifying management.

A home automation system involves multiple elements and devices in the house, putting them in communication with each other in order to create the “smart home”.

And Hotel domotics?

The application of traditional home automation to accommodation facilities is the so-called hotel automation (also called room automation). Unlike a private home, domotics focuses in tourism not only on the comfort of the guest, but above all on the tranquility and savings of those who manage the facility.

The domotics in the tourism field allows identifying guests and staff through the installation of devices in the rooms and common areas, in order to allow maximum security and all those automatisms necessary to make the guest’s stay comfortable.

From the ownership/management point of view, the home automation system allows control over what happens, over the automatic provision of services even while you are away, in favor of a drop in energy waste and consequent cutting of bills and personnel’s precious time.

In the case of a hotel with annual opening, for example, regardless of the number of bookings received, it must still bear significant costs, i.e. fixed costs for the energy costs of the common areas and – not least – of the staff.

Advantages of hotel domotics

Without particular requirements in terms of installation preparation, our solutions allow the guest to:

  • access the room or common areas of the facility (parking, SPA, etc.) by means of an RFID card or smartphone (access control);
  • enable the room utilities, the light sources, automate the shutters, repeat alarms or call the staff (room automation);
  • limit energy waste by intervening on the use of air conditioning by the guest, switching it off if the window is open or limiting the operation if the guest is absent (energy saving);
  • monitor the system in real time, save events and allow control from remote locations (supervision).

Is home automation only for luxury hotels?

Absolutely not! No matter the facility type, the size or the number of stars: automating access, implementing energy saving policies and managing the structure remotely immediately brings significant benefits and allows you to recover the investment made. We invite you to browse through our achievements around the world, to see the heterogeneity of the systems that we have automated thus far (B&BAccommodationResidencesHostelsHotels from 1 to 5 stars, Student housesTourist VillagesHospitals and Sports Centers).

Why choose GFP Lab solutions?

While ensuring a quick return on the investment made (especially in light of the numerous tax breaks), the implementation of a home automation system certainly implies different considerations and plant layouts.

This is why our solutions, complying intelligently with any installation need (including retrofit) minimize the downtime necessary for their implementation. For example: where there is no wall set-up (i.e. 503 boxes), or if you take the opportunity to replace the doors, you can opt for SenseDoor – which is installed right on the door frame and is also available standalone (i.e. without software) – or for Mirror, which is installed on the wall and is wireless. If the accesses are outside the building or need greater protection from atmospheric agents or break-ins, SensePad is also available: a keyboard with waterproof and anti-vandal RFID reader.

You can think about expanding and completing the system a little at a time, perhaps on the occasion of an already scheduled restyling, or starting from an entry level solution that only provides access control and then implement room enabling and temperature control.

From the financial point of view it is possible to obtain the supply of the solution in the form of operating leasing, for a fixed monthly fee for 5 years.

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