Home automation in Hostels

Home automation in Hostels

Hostels are a widespread “low-cost” overnight tourist offer.

They are similar to hotels but with significant differences:

  • the rooms offer numerous beds;
  • common areas and rooms are shared with other guests;
  • guests are perfect strangers to each other;
  • the stay is limited to one or a few nights, therefore there is a frequent coming and going of people, mostly young people.

Nevertheless, today you can find hostels that offer private rooms from two to four beds, sometimes even single, with private or shared bathroom, to satisfy all guests and all pockets.

The old idea of Hostel consisting only of mega-dormitories with bunk beds is slowly disappearing in favor of hostels with greater comfort and safety.

The implementation of a home automation solution for access control and room automation can certainly ease the management of a hostel while increasing its safety, comfort and profitability.

One room, so many guests

It is not unusual to find hostels with up to 8 beds per room. The replacement of mechanical keys with RFID cards definitely simplifies the management of rooms access, but when choosing the technological solutions for this type of structure it is always necessary to take into account its main singleness:

In a hostel the rented unit is no longer the room, but the single bed.

Therefore, starting from booking to check-out, everything revolves around the guest (rented bed) and no longer to the room as a whole, although it can sometimes also be rented entirely.

It is essential, for example, to make sure that your operational system can manage the single beds independently of the room (arrivals/departures, separate accounts and reorganization management), as well as interfacing with the access control system for releasing and revoking automatic RFID cards upon check-in and check-out.

Arrivals and departures 24h/24

Hostels are generally linked to the idea of “short stay” and it is not rare that guests arrive and depart during the night. An automated access control system during check-in, also via SMS, eliminates the need to have night staff, thus guaranteeing significant savings.

The guest can arrive independently in his own room even without being equipped with any RFID card and in the absence of staff on site.

It will not be necessary to install anything outside the hostel, except for RFID card readers (optionally). The guest, arriving at the entrance, will only have to send an SMS to Giano software:

open door

23:37 SMS sent

The supervision software will be able to understand the door in question and if the sender of the message is authorized to enter. If so, the door will be unlocked and the user will be notified via SMS:

door open

23:37 SMS received

The Guest will thus be able to reach his own room independently. If the accesses are outside the building or you need greater protection from atmospheric agents or break-ins, SensePad is also available (a keyboard with waterproof and anti-vandal RFID reader).

Guests in the dark

Guys, do I swing by the bar, leave the card there and then knock or shall I take it with me? And what if the light goes out then?

When RFID cards are also used for enabling the services and room utilities, it can happen that a guest pulling his card out of the badge holder ends up turning off lights and utilities for the rest of the companions. In order to avoid this kind of inconvenience it is necessary to take some precautions when designing and configuring the automation system, such as, for example:

  • extend the time to disable the room;
  • create time channels for forced enabling of utilities (at night);
  • integrate devices for activity detection in the rooms (PIR).

Giano is the solution expressly designed by GFP Lab to solve all the problems related to the management of hostels access control and room automation.

Are there also financial instruments?

If you want to distribute over time the cost incurred for the implementation of a home automation system, whether it is a B&B, hotel or hostel, you can do so by choosing a fixed monthly fee of 5 years; the supply can be made based on the operating leasing system.

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