Guest privacy: do not disturb mode

Guest privacy: do not disturb mode

After coming in the room and the air conditioning is activated , the customer can enjoy a moment of relax .

By touch of the key on the internal reader the do not disturb function is activated / deactivated.

SenseDoor confirms by a red light indication both on the internal and external reader the guest’s will not to be disturbed , making the “do not disturb” sign on the door handle obsolete.

The same status is reported on the supervision software in the reception through a clear icon on the main screen.

From this moment the reception and floor staff are aware of the guest’s need to not be disturbed .

The touch button on the chamber’s internal reader is also used for:

  • request the immediate rearrangement of the chamber (long press);
  • report the rearrangement of the room (by the cleaning staff);
  • reset any alarms or personnel calls (by personnel).

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