Giano 5.0 release

Giano 5.0 release

After 18 months of labor, version 5.0 of Giano finally sees the light. The new release of GFP Lab’s Hotel Supervisor brings with it several new features .

Door unlock with a WebApp

It is not always possible to welcome guests upon arrival to give them the keys to their room. Giano MyKey is a tool that allows you to access the room without having a mechanical key or RFID.

Giano MyKey is not an App, but a WebApp , therefore does not require any installation or authentication on the Apple and Google stores . Just click on the link received in the email during pre-check-in and enter your personal PIN, in order to unlock all the necessary gates to the room. Giano MyKey does not provide the subscription of any usage fee .

Door unlock with a PIN

As an alternative to access via the Giano MyKey WebApp, the unexpected guest can open the gates leading to their room by typing their personal PIN on the numeric keypads SensePad e SD-ZDR-PAD.

Dimmable lights, RGB and light scenes

The dedicated graphic interface of the room lighting has been renewed, equipped with new dimmer controls and RGB / HSV color selection , both for the light points and for the backlighting of the devices. It is now possible to define specific light scenarios to be recalled at the first entrance of the guest (first welcome scenario) as well as the detection of specific alarm states. The buttons for the management of the light points are enhanced by the automatic detection of the gestures long press (to manage the fade) and double pressure (to send the light point at maximum brightness or minimum).

Mac OSX Big Sur support

The latest version (11.0) of Mac OSX is officially supported by Giano.

Integration with wiegand readers

Giano now supports market readers with wiegand26 output (such as SENSEPAD), both as regards the reading of RFID cards and ‘entering PIN via numeric keypad .

DALI and DMX bus integration

Giano natively supports dimmable or RGB light points on DALI or DMX bus , through the use of third-party gateways or adapters equipped with standard E1.31 protocol.

Integration with MQTT and Shelly Cloud

Since version 5.0 Giano manages the MQTT protocol, a very popular standard among many IoT devices (internet of things) already available on the market. The drivers for the wireless devices of the manufacturer Shelly Cloud have been implemented, including (but not limited to): relays, smart sockets, bulbs, dimmers, RGBW led strips, flooding, gas and door sensors/window.

This kind of products allows a fast, retrofit and economic installation , especially suitable for small structures (B & amp; B and rent-rooms).

Integration with AGB Opera Bit electronic lock

Giano is now able to issue RFID keys recognized both by electronic locks from AGB and by RFID readers for access or room activation of GFP Lab.

Integration with ONITY electronic locks

Giano is now able to issue RFID keys recognized both by ONITY electronic locks and by RFID readers for access or room activation of GFP Lab. GFP Lab devices and control units equipped with BLE transceiver are able to receive the status and events of the ONITY electronic locks equipped with the DirectKey accessory (can also be used for access via the ONITY App ).

Integration with Samsung’s VRV / VRF

Giano is now also interfacing with Samsung’s centralized split systems, through the third party’s LONworks gateway .

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