The free online Demo is available

The free online Demo is available

An opportunity to provide you with all the information on Giano , our automation software for hotels, residences and B&B.
Do you want to know the solutions for the control of the areas and try the functions of the software?

All you need is an App :

  • Skype
  • Whatsapp;
  • Telegram.

We’ll take care of the rest!

But what are we talking about?

There are more and more accommodations that use technology to control the rooms.
Abandoning the old lock method and adopting a home automation system is the future of the hotel system .
With our solutions you can automate the services, improve the guest’s stay and the work of the staff.
Thanks to the demo you can see the solutions we have designed and evaluate the one that meets your needs with the support of a team of experts.

What advantages do you guarantee me?

    • access to the room or common areas;
    • activate the lights;
    • automate roller shutters;
    • repeat alarms or calls to staff;
    • stop the conditioning in case of opening windows;
    • monitor the system in real time;
    • store events;
    • control the stations remotely.


Activating the utilities in the room and limiting waste is an aid for the building and for the guest.
But there is much more!

A logical change, but not a change in structure!

Our software provides solutions that do not involve masonry work.
Systems with an elegant and original design that respond to all installation and plant engineering needs.

The guest first of all …

… but let’s also deal with the wallet!

Nothing more true.
In fact, costs are quickly amortized.

Do you have any idea of ​​energy loss without assistance from a centralized system?
The continuous increases in the prices of primary energy goods increase the annual expenditure for accommodation facilities.
But we will talk about energy saving later.

I know my advantages, but how does it work?

The software that meets your needs

Our systems communicate wirelessly or batteries, using bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensors.
The Giano software is the mind for the development of all solutions.

Thanks to Giano you can control the rooms, supervise each set up area and manage all the automations necessary to minimize waste and consumption.
Maximum guest comfort and high level of structure.
Giano’s intelligence is equally distributed among the devices and this guarantees all its functionality even in the event of lack of communication with the software.
If you want to know more, visit the solutions page.

Installation has never been easier

Installation and testing by qualified personnel often cost more than the supply of the product.
This is no longer a problem!
The solutions we have designed can be installed independently.
The testing is carried out remotely by our operators.

Don’t wait any longer!