Energy saving and air conditioning

Energy saving and air conditioning

When the guest enters the room when the RFID key is inserted into the internal reader, the utilities and air conditioning are re-activated by recalling the previous comfort settings.

The guest can set the preferred temperature and fan speed on the thermostat. But how can you prevent unnecessary energy being wasted by leaving the window open?

Thanks to the suitably installed sensors (wireless or wired), the system detects the opening of the window (or other passages) and suspends the air conditioning. The opening of the window is immediately signaled on the Giano software at the reception.

Giano software allows you to customize system behavior when opening the window. In particular, the manager can decide whether to turn off the air conditioning or leave it on at a different suspension temperature and possibly delay the switching off or switching on of the climate by a few seconds.

When the window is closed, the air conditioning unit resumes operation automatically.

The versatility of Giano allows the manager to define, and above all limit the temperature settings in the room in so as not to exceed the desired values.
The passage of the room status from comfort, to standby or off is determined dynamically by the logic of the system in order to obtain maximum comfort for the guest simultaneously with maximum energy savings.

These automatisms allow you to optimize savings to the maximum, reducing energy costs and consequently the environmental impact , regardless of the nature of the air conditioning system used (radiators, split, fancoil or centralized VRV / VRF).

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