Domotics: the lever for restarting

Domotics: the lever for restarting

How GFP Lab can help you

Among the measures that can be adopted to deal with the emergency are our solutions, which allow us to guarantee social distancing by minimizing – and sometimes eliminating – any type of personal contact between guests and staff, through:

Further advantages are:

  • greater comfort and safety for the guest;
  • a reduction in the consumption of the room and the structure;
  • greater staff productivity;
  • retrofit installation (without predispositions or masonry).

What solutions are particularly suitable?

All our solutions allow you to replace (or support) the old mechanical keys with RFID cards or completely digital tools for access to the gates (via SMS, App or numeric keypads for entering PIN).

SENSEDOOR is a room automation system with the following characteristics:

  • both RFID and touch numeric keypad;
  • small size (it can also be installed on the door frame);
  • customizable RGB backlighting (to indicate the room status);
  • it does not require control units in the room control panel (because it is already equipped with numerous I / O);
  • also available in standalone version (without software).

SENSEPAD is the numeric keypad for access via RFID and numeric PIN, whose characteristics are:

  • small size (it can also be installed on the door frame);
  • waterproof (IP65) and anti-vandal;
  • standalone operation (up to 2000 users) or online (with Giano);
  • optional camera activation pocket.

Thanks to the GIANO supervision software, it is also possible to manage access to the structure independently even in the absence of a reception (h24).

In addition, with the Giano software you can manage the sanitization of the room at the end of the guests’ stay.

How does it work?

The status of room “to be sanitized” is shown in the rack, it is possible to reset it, display only the room to be sanitized. The readers for access to the SenseDoor room, located on the corridor, indicate with a specific color the status of the room being checked out and to be sanitized, so that the cleaning staff can recognize the status of the room “at a glance” and the processes to be carried out.

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