Bed & Breakfast Automation

Bed & Breakfast Automation

Also Accommodations and Bed & Breakfast can also benefit from the many advantages of hotel automation (also known as room automation or hotel domotics).

The characteristics

Bed & Breakfast consist of single rooms or small apartments usually located in condominiums or residential facilities very different from the hotels and managed in the spare time (so to speak) from the property, which does not carry out this activity as the main one.

The size of the B&B should not be misleading: although born as a low-cost accommodation offer with as few services as possible (accommodation and breakfast), B&Bs have become a real model of hospitality, cozy and sometimes even luxurious, especially when visiting the art cities.

The guest is not pleased to stay overnight and leave, but demands reception, comfort and time flexibility, exactly like a hotel with a 24h/7 reception.

In the same way, the manager would like to increase the quality of the services offered in order to limit the costs of staff and utilities, as well as checking the status of the rooms from the comfort of his home or in traffic with the smartphone.

That phone call in the middle of the night

… is the recurring nightmare of those who manage B&Bs. No matter if the time is not the one communicated, or if the train or city traffic is to blame: the guest has arrived late at the B&B and would like to finally get into the room.
What to do?  Implement an intelligent access control solution!

Whether it is private parking, gates, doors or the security door of an apartment, each door can be automated to be electrically unlocked. Any access control system can manage the unlocking through RFID readers, but how can you manage the first access of the guest when he has not yet received the RFID card?

Our solution is able to allow the guest to enter his own room independently even in the absence of the staff on site.

Do I need to install a numeric keypad?

It will not be necessary to install anything outside the building, except for – if needed – RFID card readers with optional  keypads.

The guest, arriving at the entrance, could choose to enter its PIN, use the App or sending an SMS to Giano software:

open door

23:37 SMS sent

The supervision software will be able to understand the door in question and if the sender of the message is authorized to enter. If so, the door will be unlocked and the user will be notified via SMS:

door open

23:37 SMS received

Now the guest will be able to get inside the building or the room, where presumably the RFID card will be found for the subsequent accesses and the enabling of the utilities.

How do I automate the doorway?

Simple: each doorway to be managed must have an electromechanical component for unlocking (electric lock or electric strike) which in turn must be connected to the home automation system.

And where do I install the other devices?

We have a solution for every installation need:

  • built-in box 503: the Flush-Mount series (ideal for systems already set up);
  • over the door frame, in standard box or DIN rack: SenseDoor (ideal in case of replacement or new installation of the doors);
  • entirely on the wall: Mirror (with wired or wireless communication);
  • over the door frame: Sensepad (waterproof and anti-vandal, unlock using RFID card and numeric PIN).

How can I limit consumption?

By implementing energy saving, such as:

  • turn off the power to the room in the absence of the Guest;
  • switch off the air conditioning if doors or windows are opened;
  • switch off or maintain the air conditioning at a minimum comfort temperature in the absence of the Guest.

More complex automations can be defined during the design of the individual system.

Can I manage the system via Internet?

Certainly. Not only is it possible to use the software supervision for PC and Mac from any location on site or remotely, but also to receive alarms and notifications, as well as manage the system via SMS.

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