Check-in and room access

Check-in and room access

Upon arrival of the guest at the structure, the receptionist checks in and hands over the RFID keys (proximity) instead of the heavy keys traditional.

RFID keys ensure access to your room and to all common areas (parking lots, gates, etc …) necessary for the guest during his living room.

Once in front of the room, or other gates, just bring the card close to the RFID reader to unlock the door .

Inside the room, still off, the courtesy light welcomes the customer and allows him to orient himself and place his luggage on the ground. A badge holder pocket attracts attention by flashing, so that, by inserting the card, the room is activated.

With activation, all users are enabled that in the meantime had been switched off to reduce consumption (lights , secondary sockets, television, etc …). The air conditioning is reactivated by recalling the previous guest settings or the default ones (for the first access).

In the reception, on the Giano (the supervision software), the presence of the guest is immediately displayed .

From this moment the guest can independently manage the room functions (air conditioning, roller shutters, etc …) and interact with specific services of the home automation (do not disturb, personal call, request for immediate rearrangement of the room, etc …).

Before leaving the room, the guest will remove the card from the badge holder , which, again flashing, will indicate the next deactivation of the utilities . On Giano the unoccupied room will be immediately indicated .

Also from the software it is possible to consult the event history of the room or card at any time, so as to reconstruct, in the event of a dispute, the movements and activities of the guest.