Anti-Covid Hotel Solutions

Anti-Covid Hotel Solutions

In the hotel, in addition to room automation, there are other technologies and strategies to reduce the spread of the epidemic, as well as making the structure much safer.

In compliance with the provisions on social distancing and health protection, there are already solutions that can make the work of the operators easier and make the guest’s stay safe.

Self Check-in (Virtual Check-in)

To avoid gatherings at the reception or to offer access to the structure 24h / 24, there are solutions that allow you to reduce or completely eliminate the need for interaction between the staff and the guest:

Self Check-in app: following the booking, the guest is sent an email with instructions for downloading the self-checkin app. In this way, the guest can calmly and well in advance of his arrival, enter their personal data, photograph the identity document and invite their companions to the procedure. Some more advanced self-checkin apps also deal with user recognition through a simple selfie with an identity document. In this way, the guest will be able to carry out all the bureaucratic procedures even before arriving at the facility.

Totem: it consists of an interactive pos where the guest can independently carry out check-in operations, present documents, etc … and possibly also instantly obtain the RFID key to access the room.

Social distancing control

There are video surveillance systems that, in real time, are able to count the number of people and verify the respect of distances (people counting). In this way you can control the gatherings and the flow of visitors entering and leaving the structure.

Thermo-camera for health protection
There are specific infrared thermo-cameras, which can be positioned in the reception or in the common areas which, anonymously – i.e. without saving the information and respecting privacy – detect the guest’s temperature (making sure that it falls within the pre-established parameters) and verifying the adoption of the mask. If the guest has a fever or does not wear a mask, the staff is notified and any gates or turnstiles can be inhibited.

Access to the room independently

Through a Smart Check-in App, or with the same Giano supervision software via the App, a simple SMS or a PIN on a numeric keypad, the guest does not even have to go to the reception, being able to independently open the gates that lead up to their own.

Interaction with the room and the staff

Presence management and user activation: in addition to using the RFID key to activate the room users, you can opt, to avoid any contact with any surface, for activation by detecting the presence of the guest using volumetric presence sensors in combination with more sophisticated and safer logic (magnetic door contact, time channels, etc …). Of course, all unnecessary services will be automatically deactivated when the guest leaves the room.

Room services: a personal / digital / virtual concierge App can be used both to talk to the staff, to check the bill, to order services or meals in the room, as well as to interact with home automation (change the temperature, recall scenarios of light, move the blinds, set the do not disturb, call the staff, etc …). The hotelier can communicate in real time with guests such as important information about the stay, services, excursions and everything there is to know about the hotel, without committing the switchboard at the busiest times.

Room sanitization

As indicated by the guidelines for the management of Covid-19 of the World Health Organization in the hotel sector, the goal is to ensure safe interaction with the devices in the room, especially considering objects and high-contact surfaces such as switches, badge pockets and remote controls. In addition to providing disinfectant gel dispensers and disposable accessories, it is necessary first of all to have an effective sanitizing plan for the rooms and common areas.

The Giano supervision software includes, in addition to the daily management of the room rearrangement, also the management of the room sanitation at the end of the guests’ stay. The status of room “to be sanitized” is shown in the rack, it is possible to reset it, display only the room to be sanitized. The readers for access to the SenseDoor room, located on the corridor, indicate with a specific color the status of the room being checked out and to be sanitized, so that the cleaning staff can recognize the status of the room “at a glance” and the processes to be carried out.

A warning popup will be shown to the software user if an attempt is made to assign a room still to be sanitized to a guest.

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