Access with SMS

Access with SMS

Giano , the Hotel supervisor allows access and unlocking of the gates in the structure in different ways. In addition to the RFID card it is possible to use the SMS function to give the guest maximum freedom and the possibility of arriving at any time without the presence of reception staff.

To allow independent access h24 , just enter the customer’s mobile number when creating the card on Giano or on your PMS interfaced with the system, to allow him to open all the doors authorized to him with a simple text message.

If the guest’s telephone number matches the data entered during the check-in , Giano will unlock the gates and communicate the success of the operation, opening the affected entrance.

Access via SMS is not aimed only at the guest, but can also be enabled for STAFF members, who can, in addition to unlock the doors, occupy the rooms, set the rearrangement (dirty room), reset alarms and much more.

Along with access via SMS, Giano allows other possibilities for unlocking the gates of the structure, also providing entry via PIN or WEB APP for independent access h24 .

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