Access to common areas

Access to common areas

Giano – the Hotel supervisor – allows you to control and manage not only the rooms, but also the common areas of the structure , such as parking, entrance doors, SPA, etc. .

accesso parti comuni

The guest, after having performed the check-in , will be able to access the common areas of the structure by using card, PIN, Web-App </ strong> or SMS .

accesso con carta, pin o sms

Giano offers the possibility to “categorize” the gates (common and not) to allow access only to certain guests and / or authorized personnel . For example, access to the SPA can be authorized only to customers who have paid for the service, excluding others.

Thanks to Giano we can also set access time slots for each common gate, in order to prevent its use outside certain hours.

orari di accesso

The supervision software is not limited to the access control of the common areas, but also allows the management of lights </ strong >, scenarios , alarms as well as the thermoregulation of the areas themselves.

Finally, Giano collects all the events that have taken place and makes them accessible to the hotel staff who can monitor and supervise all the movements that occur in the structure.

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