Operating leasing

Operating leasing

The upgrading of the Hotel rooms, while increasing the prestige of the facility, has important implications in terms of financial resources investment.

Sometimes, to comply with the initially planned budget, it is necessary to compromise and choose to reorganize a plan rather than another (therefore having to do the work several times, with an overall increase in costs) or opt for a less attractive technological solution (and therefore less efficient) than another.

Hotel automation (sometimes also known as room automation or hotel domotics) is a technology whose quality considerably impacts the speed of the investment return.

What is the solution to implement the best technology without depriving yourself of excessive liquidity?
The operating leasing!

What is operating leasing?

Operating leasing is a financial instrument thanks to which it is possible to use an asset without purchasing it, but with a fixed monthly cost for the entire duration of the rental (for maximum 60 months).

Advantages of operating leasing

  • access to credit: the operating leasing operation does not make the customer appear in the Credit Bureau as it happens for other loans and mortgages;
  • liquidity: instead of depriving yourself of the entire sum of the goods/services adopted, a low monthly cost is sustained for maximum 5 years;
  • tax advantages: the lease charged is entirely deductible, and the assets do not end up as the source that contributes to the calculation of the business sector analysis.

All GFP Lab home automation solutions can be supplied with the operating leasing formula, thanks to the agreement with Grenke.

Who is Grenke?

Grenke, with 40 years of experience in the field, is the worldwide leading company as regards the operating leasing of goods and services towards companies. The company stands out for the consultancy professionalism and for the speed in processing the procedures (in just 20 minutes).

What other costs?

None! In order not to meet any kind of surprise, all GFP Lab solutions are offered in the “all inclusive” formula of assistance, maintenance and software updates for the entire duration of the rental.

What do I do at the end of the rental? Do I have to disassemble everything?

Absolutely not! Formally, with operating leasing the customer does not get hold of the goods he uses, even though they are already part of his facility. Nevertheless, when the contract is stipulated, the company undertakes to transfer the property to the customer at the end of the rental upon the payment of a symbolic sum (a few hundred Euro) precisely because the GFP Lab products have a life far greater than the duration of the rental.

What if I wanted to upgrade at the end of the rental?

Technology today becomes obsolete too quickly, and guests always demand more comfort and attention. GFP Lab products are designed to last many years, definitely well beyond the duration of an operating leasing. GFP Lab will propose to the customer, at the end of the rental, all possibilities of hardware and software upgrades with regard to the implemented solutions. The customer will be able to choose if and when to adopt improvements, being able to always take advantage of the operating leasing.


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